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A journey to discover the typical wines of the territory. With the aim of enhancing and promoting the wines of the Orvieto Classico DOC and Superiore area, our wine shop offers a wide selection of local wines for sale and tastings. We also offer important wines and labels from other Italian regions.

Inside the wine shop Bottega Vera you feel wrapped in a familiar environment and you breathe the passion that the owners have for their business.
The protagonists are wine, emotions and sensations that only a good glass of wine can give you. Over 150 labels tell the wine history of the Umbrian territory and beyond. A space is also dedicated to craft beers signed “Birra Flea” and “Birra Perugia”.

“An informal atmosphere, a small and surprising place, with typical flavors and aromas. BOTTEGA VERA offers the opportunity to taste the hugh-quality products of Orvieto and Umbria to enhance and promote local food and wine.”

Alimentari since 1938