Primo d’Anfora Umbria IGT 2016 – Argillae


PRIMO D’ANFORA UMBRIA BIANCO Grechetto 60%, Drupeggio 20%, Malvasia 20% ORVIETO – UMBRIA 2016 BIANCO UMBRIA INDICAZIONE GEOGRAFICA TIPICA Primo d’Anfora Primo d’Anfora is the result of an ambitious project which combines ancient traditions with the newest research, conceived by the Bonollo family. This type of wine derives from Grechetto, Drupeggio and Malvasia grapes and is fermented and sharpened in terra-cotta amphorae. The result is a great quality white wine origina-ting from clay which improves with time. Colour: intense yellow. Scent: fascinating and intriguing, it slowly unveils the scents of its fragrance. Elderower scents with citrus hints alternate to musk and almond aromas. Floral fragrances gradually give way to a fruity, undergrowth aroma. Taste: rich and soft on the palate at rst, it persistently develops while sipping to end in a fresh acidic and avorful taste. Training system: Guyot. Average age of vines: Primo d’Anfora is the result of a careful selection of the “Vigna Vecchia” grapes. This is the name of the grapevine that surrounds the wine cellar which is 45 years old. Harvest time: september. Production: 6.000 Kg per hectare. Harvest: hand picked. Winemaking notes: Grechetto, Drupeggio and Malvasia grapes arrive from the vineyards perfectly intact and selected. Before fermentation they are submitted to a cold maceration process in inert atmosphere conditions. Following the debourbage and the adjustment of the ne lees, the must ferments in small amphorae of 500 litres. Ageing: Primo d’Anfora ages for 8-9 months in terra-cotta amphorae. During this time regular batonnages are carried out on the noble fermentation lees. The slow evolution in amphorae guarantees wine stabilization and the best aromatic expression. At the end of the ageing process, the wine is prepared for bottling. A 5 month rest in glass completes the work. Pairings: this wine perfectly matches rened sh-based cuisines. Primo d’Anfora is also versatile in its elegance, it amazes also in the combination with white meats and game.

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