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Orvieto, it is the Duomo, the Pozzo di San Patrizio( the well of Saint Patrick), it is also the Torre del Moro( Moro’s tower), last but not least, Orvieto is also a countryside, with that comes along the work of the many farmers and breeders who have written the enogastronomic( food and wine) history within the territory, throughout the history.

Our specialties come from Orvieto, from the areas of Monte Peglia and from other villages within the area, while our meats and cheeses also come from other parts of Umbria, particularly from Norcia and Monte Sibillini. Since Orvieto is also Tuscia, we have included also products from Lazio among our proposals, all it takes to guarantee/provide our customers with the goodness and quality through our very traditional flavours.

“In an informal atmosphere, a small and surprising place, with typical flavors and aromas. BOTTEGA VERA offers the opportunity to taste the quality products of Orvieto and Umbria to enhance and promote local food and wine.”

Alimentari since 1938